Satoshi Tsutsui

I am Satoshi Tsutsui, a Ph.D. student at School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering. I started my Ph.D. life at 2015 Fall. I am advised by Prof. David Crandall and Prof. Ying Ding.

I am intereted in the general area of computer vision; Can we teach computers how to see as we do? This is very challenging research area but also very fun domain to work on! I have some experiences in basic image understanding problems such as object recognition, object detection, semantic segmentation, and caption generation. Please find my papers for the details.

I am also intereted in deep learning, as a powerful tool for computer vison.

I am currently interested in applying computer vision for understanding scientific figures (e.g., diagrams appearing in CVPR papers ) and the relation between figures and the paper's scientific impact (i.e., citations). For example, can we extract the neural net architecture from the figures in CVPR? What kind of figures can maximize the citation if you include in your paper?

In the past, I have worked on: literature mining on Alzheimer’s disease, graph/network mining, semantic web, and linked data. I learned semantic web technologies in my undergraduate research program. I extended DBpedia using list structure in Wikipedia pages. If you are interested, please refer to this unpublished paper.  

Peer-reviewed Publications



September 2015 - Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, USA

April 2011 - March 2015 Keio University, Japan