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Software Engineer
Full Stack Developer

Shree Harsha is a graduate student of computer science at School of Informatics and Computing, Indiana University. He has been interested in programming software since high school. He has been part of the IT industry as a professional software engineer since 2009, developing enterprise front-end, back-end and full stack applications.

Having worked with multinational companies such as Pfizer Inc., Infosys Ltd. and Tata Consultancy Ltd., Shree joined academia to learn intelligent software development and now works as a Graduate Research Assistant to Dr. Shahzeen Attari (School of Public and Environmental Affairs) and Prof. Mike Sellers (Media School).

Shree has received many awards progressing through his career, some of them being Most Valuable Player (MVP) from Infosys, promotion from Tata Consultancy Services and also research and development grant for the ongoing research project WaterWorks.