Sanna Wager
PhD Student, Music Informatics
Indiana University Bloomington
School of Informatics and Computing
scwager -(at)-

I'm in my third year of the Music track of the PhD in Informatics and Computing at Indiana University. My adviser is Minje Kim. My undergraduate degree was in Bassoon Performance at Indiana University's Jacobs School of Music, studying under Kathleen McLean. My undergraduate minor was math.

I am interested in how technology influences the way people relate to music, and how we can use technology to develop our understanding of music. Music has been at the front end of technical innovation for thousands of years. Pythagoras described its deep connection to math, architecture, astronomy, and psychology; Beethoven worked with piano makers to develop instruments that could handle his compositions; conductor Herbert von Karajan was among the first to acquire the newest analog recording devices. I strive to promote interaction between the fields of acoustic music and computing so that the recent innovation in the digital world can be applied in the best possible way to music. I hope to 1) develop knowledge of music representation in technology, so that results are aesthetically convincing, 2) give musicians more general and easy access to training in music technology, and 3) encourage the development of music-related technology that helps the youngest generation connect to high-quality music as listeners and performers.