Sumayah Alrwais

Ph.D. Candidate in Computer Science
School of Informatics and Computing
Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, USA

Advisor: Prof. Xiaofeng Wang

Research Interests: Web security and Internet fraud.

Publications: Google Scholar

Sumayah Alrwais, Kan Yuan, Eihal Alowaisheq, Xiaojing Liao, Alina Oprea, Xiaofeng Wang and Zhou Li. ``Catching Predators at Watering Holes: Finding and Understanding Strategically Compromised Websites''. Annual Computer Security Applications Conference (ACSAC), Dec. 2016.

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Zhou Li, Sumayah Alrwais, XiaoFeng Wang, ''Hunting the Red Fox Online: Understanding and Detection of Mass Redirect-Script Injections'', 35th IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy (S&P14), San Jose, CA, May.2014. (acceptance rate 12% = 38/315)

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