Refereed conference and workshop papers

More support for symbolic disintegration
Praveen Narayanan and Chung-chieh Shan.
Probabilistic programming languages, semantics, and systems at POPL 2018.
Slides, presented at PPS 2018 in Los Angeles, Jan 9 2018.
Symbolic conditioning of arrays in probabilistic programs
Praveen Narayanan and Chung-chieh Shan.
ICFP 2017 (22nd ACM SIGPLAN international conference on functional programming).
Video and slides, presented at Oxford University, UK, Sep 4 2017.
Slides, presented at the IFIP Working Group on Program Generation, Aug 23 2016.
Probabilistic inference by program transformation in Hakaru (system description)
Praveen Narayanan, Jacques Carette, Wren Romano, Chung-chieh Shan, and Robert Zinkov.
FLOPS 2016 (13th international symposium on functional and logic programming).
Slides, presented at Kochi University of Technology, Japan, Mar 4 2016.
Building blocks for exact and approximate inference
Jacques Carette, Chung-chieh Shan, Praveen Narayanan, Wren Romano, and Robert Zinkov.
Black box learning and inference workshop at NIPS 2015.
Poster, presented at the workshop in Montréal, Dec 12 2015.
A combinator library for MCMC sampling
Praveen Narayanan and Chung-chieh Shan.
3rd NIPS Workshop on Probabilistic Programming at NIPS 2014.
Poster, presented at the workshop in Montréal, Dec 13 2014.
Slides, from talks given at:
  PL-Wonks talk series at Indiana University, Bloomington, Nov 21 2014.
  Seminar on probabilistic programming, Indiana University, Bloomington, May 8 2014.
Graph algorithms in a guaranteed-deterministic language
Praveen Narayanan and Ryan R. Newton.
5th Workshop on Determinism and Correctness in Parallel Programming, at ASPLOS 2014.
Slides, from a talk given at the workshop in Salt Lake City, Mar 2 2014.


Discrete structures for computer science - spring 2013
Introduction to programming I - fall 2012


BA in Mathematics and Physics 2012, Cornell University.
Under Prof. Anil Nerode I studied modal logic, and in the Davis Lab I studied 4He solid dynamics.