I aspire to build machine learning applications that are painless to compose, easier to reason about, and safer to use. I work towards these goals by studying the design of programming languages.

I focus on developing the Hakaru probabilistic programming system as part of Prof. Chung-chieh Shan's group. I have also built a library for composing MCMC sampling algorithms, which can be found in the mcmc-samplers Haskell package.


Symbolic conditioning of arrays in probabilistic programs
Praveen Narayanan and Chung-chieh Shan.
To appear in ICFP 2017 (22nd ACM SIGPLAN international conference on functional programming).
Probabilistic inference by program transformation in Hakaru (system description)
Praveen Narayanan, Jacques Carette, Wren Romano, Chung-chieh Shan, and Robert Zinkov.
FLOPS 2016 (13th international symposium on functional and logic programming).
Slides, presented in Kochi, Japan, Mar 4 2016.
Building blocks for exact and approximate inference
Jacques Carette, Chung-chieh Shan, Praveen Narayanan, Wren Romano, and Robert Zinkov.
Black box learning and inference workshop at NIPS 2015.
Poster, presented at the workshop in Montréal, Dec 12 2015.
A combinator library for MCMC sampling
Praveen Narayanan and Chung-chieh Shan.
3rd NIPS Workshop on Probabilistic Programming at NIPS 2014.
Poster, presented at the workshop in Montréal, Dec 13 2014.
Slides, from talks given at:
     PL-Wonks talk series at Indiana University, Bloomington, Nov 21 2014.
     Seminar on probabilistic programming, Indiana University, Bloomington, May 8 2014.
Graph algorithms in a guaranteed-deterministic language
Praveen Narayanan and Ryan R. Newton.
5th Workshop on Determinism and Correctness in Parallel Programming, at ASPLOS 2014.
Slides, from a talk given at the workshop in Salt Lake City, Mar 2 2014.


Discrete structures for computer science - spring 2013
Introduction to programming I - fall 2012


BA in Mathematics and Physics 2012, Cornell University.
Under Prof. Anil Nerode I studied modal logic, and in the Davis Lab I studied 4He solid dynamics.