Teaching Experience

Technology and Gender

January 09, 2017     #teaching

For the spring 2017 semester I will be offering a new graduate seminar that explores the intersection of technology and gender. In part this will develop my long-term interest in the history of women in computing, but will also include... <more>

University Trustee Teaching Award

April 28, 2016     #teaching

I am pleased and honored to have been awarded the 2015-2016 Indiana University Trustees Teaching Award. Many thanks to my students, teaching assistants, and colleagues who helped make this possible!

Introducing The Information Society

December 06, 2013     #teaching

New Course   We are often told that we are living in an “Information Society,” and indeed, this is a truth that seems self-evident: communications and information technologies increasingly pervade our homes, our workplaces, our schools,... <more>