YouTube video and comment from health vlogs

Health Vlogging on YouTube

Health video blogs (vlogs) allow individuals with chronic illnesses to share their stories, experiences, and knowledge with the general public. We examined how to build and facilitate sustainable communities for health vloggers and their viewers.

YouTube video and comment from pregnancy vlogs

Pregnancy Vlogging

Many technologies are designed to manage pregnancy's physiological symptoms but focus less on the emotional aspect. We examined YouTube videos by women documenting their journey in trying to conceive and successful pregnancy experiences.

Facebook logo with group icon

Rare World: Understanding Rare Disease Relationships

For people with rare diseases, we found that they think of themselves as being in a separate "Rare World" from the "normal" people in their lives and that relationships with friends and family members are strained.

Designs and photos taken by participants on healthcare reminders

REMIND: Designing Patient Reminders and Notifications

People with chronic illnesses often have to manage a large amount of health information. We conducted design workshops with older adults and mothers of children with asthma to understand how they might design reminder systems.

Photos from design sessions and of children using technology

Social Connectedness of Children with Chronic Illnesses

Children diagnosed with a chronic illness may experience a vastly different childhood than their healthy counterparts. We exmained the ways in which children with a chronic illness stay connected with their peers.

YouTube videos showcasing healthcare robots

The Perception of Healthcare Robots through YouTube

Conducting a discourse analysis of YouTube videos showing healthcare robots, we examined how institutions of robotics argue that these robots will become indispensible in hospitals and nursing homes.

Photo of Estrellita prototype system

Estrellita: Technologies for Caregivers of Preterm Infants

Parents of high-risk infants experience challenges in providing care at home, such as communication and social support for caregivers. We highlight how we might design collaborative communication technologies in a mobile application.

Photos of Google Health and Microsoft Healthvault

Usability and Usefulness of Personal Health Records

We used a multi-method approach to evaluate personal health record (PHR) systems. Through these results, we reflected on how designers and developers might address these issues now and throughout the design cycle.