Katie-WebsiteI am an associate professor in Informatics and Director of Informatics Undergraduate Studies at Indiana University – Bloomington.  I am interested in integrating pervasive technologies in health and wellness environments to study how technology affects interventions. My research interests include human computer interaction, ubiquitous computing, and health informatics. I am the coordinator of the prototyping lab in Informatics. Prior to returning to IU, I led the Wellness Innovation and Interaction Lab. (Formal Bio).

Office Hours: 6/18-7/6: 8a-9a on Mondays and Wednesdays; Location depends on current course activity – They could be in Info 267 [my office], Informatics Makerspaces [Info 001, 010], or Teter F160.

Current and Recent Activities



Student Collaborators

  • Haley MacLeod (IU Ph.D. Student, Rare Disease Project)
  • Ben Jelen (IU Ph.D. Student, Health Sense)
  • Cassie Kresnye (IU Ph.D. Student, Precision Health)
  • Shayan Khokar (IU B.S. Student, Computer Science, Muscle Memory Project)
  • Vanessa Pereira (IU B.S. Student, Yours is Better Project)


Contact Information

Katie A. Siek, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Indiana University
919 E. 10th Street
Bloomington, IN 47408 USA
email: ksiek – at – indiana.edu
office: (812) 856-0598
fax: (812) 856-5754
skype: katiesiek
My office is located at Informatics East (Connector), Room 267. Parking information is available here


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