What is happening?


In 2013 I published my first book: "Favela Digital - The other side of technology". The book is an opportunity to show, in photos and short text, the reality I lived in during six months visiting the Favelas (urban slums) of Vitoria, Brazil. http://favela-digital.com


Spring 2014:

INFO - I303: Organizational Informatics

Office hours: Informatics West #302

Hours: Friday 11:15 AM -12:05 PM or by appointment


Social informatics is the study of information and communication tools in cultural, or institutional contexts (Kling, Rosenbaum, & Sawyer, 2005). Another definition is the interdisciplinary study of the design, uses and consequences of information technologies that takes into account their interaction with institutional and cultural context. More...


In 2013, I presented my work at the following confereces - you can find my papers on their websites:

IR14.0 - Denver, Colorado

Community Informatics, Prato Italy

ICTD 2013, Cape Town, South Africa