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Welcome to DongInn's wiki

Today: Sun March 12, 2017

This is DongInn Kim's wiki page.
I am working on a PhD program at the Computer Science Department of Indiana University-Bloomington and also working on Open Source Cluster Application Resources(OSCAR) project as a core developer. My research interests include software engineering and clustering computing. Several years ago I played with PS3 to install OSCAR on several PS3 machines.
This website consists of my personal blog and wiki that I want to keep somewhere for the future. The blog and wiki pages will be to talk about OSCAR, linux, Apple, sysadmin, and anything fun. My favorite chatting channels are #oscar-cluster, #sisuite, #389, and #perceus. Please join one of these channels to talk to me. Not always a lot of activities are there but you will not be disappointed. ;-)


→ Try this scheme code to see what it is. If you are not familiar with scheme, stop by here.

  (map integer->char                                                
       (map (lambda (n) (+ (* (remainder n 16) 16) (quotient n 16)))
            '(68 246 230 118 148 230 230 2 180 150                  
              214 2 195 70 150 182 150 214 4 150                    
              230 70 150 22 230 22 226 86 70 87 227))))

If you would like to know how to get the above magic numbers, try this.

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