Indiana University, Masters in Computer Science

CGPA : 3.433 .     Courses Include:

  • Algorithms Analysis & Design
  • Music Info Processing : Audio
  • Object Oriented Software Development
  • Machine Learning(current)
  • Data Mining(current)
  • Introduction To Statistics(current)

Academic Projects

Music Genre Classification

Classification model to predict the Genre of a music piece. The audio bits are classified into 6 genres widely : Classical, Rock , Jazz, Blues, Metal and Pop. Used an ensemble Random Forests, SVM(Support Vector Machines) and KNN algorithms and achieved an accuracy of 78.14% .

Song Recognition Tool

Recognizes the song being played by generating the audio fingerprint of the song and comparing it with those already existing in the database.The tool is made using Java(Swing).Click here to Watch the Demo

SonarQube Project

Involves automatic quality check using Quality Gates for various commits in Git run automatically using a bash script.

Game Maker

An application to create own arcade games.Popular known games that can be made are Breakout, Pacman, Frogger etc. User can also make custom games defining own qin-loose criteria.The tool is made using Java(Swing).Click here to Watch the Demo

Virtual Campus

An online tool to encourage class room free teaching across universities.

Work Experience

Have 2 years of full time Experience as a Java Developer.

Programmer Analyst, Cognizant Technology Solutions.

Worked as a Java Developer in Healthcare domain as a feature enhancer and bug fixer. Worked on JSF Framework.

Intern, Electronics Corporation of India Ltd.

Worked on SCADA systems using Ladder Logic Programming in a Govt. of India Project.