I am a PhD student in Computer Science. I have a Bachelor's degree in Pure Mathematics and a Master's Degree in Computer Science both from University of Tehran.

Here in IU I am working with Prof. Crandall in the Vision Lab. My research interest is Deep Learning and its applications.

I like and enjoy music a lot (who doesn’t?) I used to play Setar (a Persian instrument) and Electric Guitar. Recently in IU I've started to play Piano.

I spent an amazing summer at Google as a Research Intern. I worked with Tao Dong on designing an Automatic Design Analyzer to detect Material Design components using app view hierarchy and deep convolutional neural networks. We applied this design analyzer to more than 10,000 android apps to study how Material Design is used among apps with different categories, average rating and number of installs. (Paper submitted and is coming soon)


A Deep Study into the History of Web Design
Bardia Doosti, David J. Crandall, Norman Makoto Su
WebSci 2017
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