Senior Year Capstone - UPDATES COMING SOON

Diving into Virtual Reality and Leapmotion Orion Hardware

Capstone is the name of Indiana University's Senior project program. Within a group of 4-5 people you are to design, develop, prototype, and showcase your final project over the course of two semesters. I created a group with fellow seniors at IU: Keana Mowery, Vincent Orlowski, Fernando Flores, and Yeong-U (Patrick) Lee. Because of my previous experience with Maya and background with Unity software (reference Here) and because my group is a very talented and adventurous batch of individuals, we felt comfortable with proceeding into the realm of Virtual Reality.

I plan on posting regular updates every couple of months to show our progress with the project. We plan on having it fully functional by April of 2017.

Beginning Stages:

Main Idea -

We've decided to go in the direction of a fully-functional VR environment that has the ability for progress in the environment to be stored and saved. We've decided this is going to be our hardest task to accomplish, as most of the code is in C# and no one in our group knows this language incredibly well. We've also decided in a low-poly but bright color scheme environment, because we find those the most visually appealling and possible to do in our time frame. We have found beginning stages of a hand-detection software already in existence that monitors and relays the motion of your hand into the vitural reality environment. We plan on paring this with the HTC Vive hardware within the Unreal Engine to create a fully immersive experience.

Aesthetic Inspirations -

1. Panoramical is a video game currently in existence that allows the user to manipulate the environment and the music using preset controls. It has an amazing art and music schema, and we've decided to implement music into our environment gameplay because of it.
Gameplay Video for Panoramical

2. Proteus is a video game currently in existence that creates a 2D low-poly oasis environment for users to explore. Different aspects of the island create different forms of music, and different actions you take area trigger for the seasons to change. The concept of winning the game is when you complete a full cycle of season changes. It has an awesome storyline to it, and we enjoy the idea of exploration as a form of progression for our gameplay.
Gameplay Video for Proteus

3. This is some low-poly static art that also embodies the vision of the design that we want for our game. They're mostly landscape or rural areas, with high-intensity color. I apologize in advance for not referencing the artists, these were sent to me by someone in the group that found them on the internet.


Over the first semester we created the documentation for our entire project and layed out the groundwork. My personal expertise came in when creating the Level Plan, Low Fidelity Mockup, and High Fidelity Mockup as these are my stengths. I was an integral part in the creation of the User Experience and User Interface within the first semester as our project was beginning to grow.

Project Proposal - PDF

Individual Technology Proficiency - PDF

Team Technology Training Plan - PDF

Prioritized Features List - PDF

Low Fidelity Mockups- PDF

Level Plan- PDF

Use Cases- PDF

Full Requirements Documentation- PDF

High Fidelity Mockup- PDF

User Test 1 (Low Fidelity)- PDF

User Test 2 (High Fidelity)- PDF


These are my personal and complete contributions to the project. Along with the implementation of my models, I also contributed to the overall programming within the Unreal Environment to make sure our project looked and felt the way we had intended it to be. I worked closely with Vincent Orlowski (Head Software Programmer) and Fernando Flores (Hardware Integration Specialist) to implement the design and user experience considerations for our project. I created most of my 2D iterations using Adobe Illustrator, my 3D Iterations with Blender and Maya, and the Environment Iterations within Unreal.

Concept Art/Model Examples:

(Trust me - there were a lot more than this)

Level 1 Transformation:

Level 1 Integration with Software and Hardware:

Level 1 Demo: