Senior Year

Because I am currently in my Senior year, these are the classes I am taking over the remaining 2016/2017 School year:

INFO-I 494/495: Design and Development of an Informatics System (Senior Capstone)

Students work on Capstone projects in supervised teams. They select and appropriate project (preferably based on cognate) and then learn to develop a plan that leads to success. Teamwork, Communication, and Organizational Skills are emphasized in a real-world-style environment. The continuation of INFO-I494, the documentation and proposal of your project. You can reference this page by going back to the "School Work" home page, or by clicking Here .

INFO-I 400: Intro to Virtual World (VR) Design

In this class, Virtual Reality (VR) refers to the experience made possible by mass market, high resolution, head mounted displays and headphones including the HTC Vive, Occulus Rift and Sony’s Playstation VR. Though the market is less than a year old, roughly half a million VR headsets have been sold. VRX, for VR eXperience, refers to non-game VR experiences lasting between 3 and 15 minutes. VRX is thought to have significant potential for industry, education and entertainment.

INFO-I 441: Interaction Design Practice

Human-computer interaction design (HCID) describes the way a person or group accomplishes tasks with a computer - what the individual or group does and how the computer responds; what the computer does and how the individual or group responds. This course will be organized a collection of readings and three design projects applying human-computer interaction principles to the design, selection, and evaluation of interactive systems.

INFO-I 308: Information Representation

The basic structure of Information Representation in digital information systems. Begins with low-level computer representations such as common character and numeric encodings. Introduces formal design and query languages through entity relationship modeling, the relational model, XML, and XHTML. Laboratory topics include SQL and XPATH Querying.

LING-L245: Computational Linguistics

Present-day computer systems work with human language. This course surveys issues relating natural language to computers, covers real-world applications, and provides practical experience with natural language on computers. Topics include text encoding, search technology, machine translation, dialogue systems, computer-aided language learning, and the social context of technology.

INFO-I 310: Multimedia Arts and Technology

This course studies how the paradigm shift to a digital world will affect humanity. The course will consider the evolution of media arts and its underlying principles of communications. Students will study application development paradigms in current practice. Readings, lectures, class discussions, and research papers.