Freshman and Sophomore Year

FINA-D 318: 3D Computer Graphics

Hands-on studio course exploring the technical development of three-dimensional computer graphics for state-of-the-art display systems. Students will investigate user-interface design, create 3D graphical environments, and explore the parallel drives toward content creation and visual aesthetics.

FINA-D 210: Digital Survey and Practice

Beginning class on digital media's role in the world of art production and reception. Class emphasizes learning to use digital media to produce original, creative art work. Topics include digital imaging, communicative art and interactivity.

My Final Project:

INFO-I 101: Introduction to Informatics

Examines the basic concepts of the design, evaluation and use of technology in the study and practice of law. The course provides an overview of the application of a variety of informatics and new media technologies to the field of law.