CEWIT - Center of Excellence for Women in Tecnology

CEWiT is Indiana University's Center of Excellence for Women in Technology. It addresses the global need to increase participation of women at all stages of their involvement in technology-related fields through research collaborations, education, mentoring, and community building. I was accepted as an intern for the Web Design Special Interest Group, because of my background in Informatics and HCI/d.
We have a wonderfully well-rounded team: The lead intern Kira Bushman gives insight into graphic design, and my fellow intern Abigail Billing gives insight and updates on technology representation. I am the current expert in User Experience and User Interface, and I give insight into how a user would best interact with a specific hardware or software product. My internship not only allows me to teach other students the skills I own, but facilitats my creativity in producing media products such as posters, emails, and presentations to help communicate workshop details to the Women of IU.

Here is a recent poster that I created to promote our User Experience Workshop:

Here is a logo that I created to elaborate upon my special interest group:

And here are some images from the workshop retreat for CEWiT in which we created Personas and User Stories to create more interesting and appealling events:

Remember: These updates will be ongoing as I enter more design projects that I have completed.