Advito - Travel Consulting Firm

Advito is a consulting firm that modernizes travel category management for better spend outcomes in a data-rich world. They minimize their clients’ travel spend and maximize their travel program value in a consumer empowered world. I worked underneath their traveler engagament team, which brings digital marketing and communications experience to a travel management team to evaluate what works (and doesn’t) for a specific organization. They then design a communications strategy to match the company's culture by: assessing technologies that changing traveler behavior, using existing communication tools effectively, and adopting emerging tools when it makes sense, measuring the effectiveness of their traveler engagement strategy to make sure it stays relevant. As an emerging practices intern, I helped research information on consumer traveler trends and organize research given to us by clients from company-wide surveys.

Unfortunately, because I was working on documents classified only to Advito's company, and using their personal client's information, I am unavailable to display screenshots or pictures of the work that I created. However you may contact my references at Advito for their opinion and quality of my work:

Name: Charla Carter

Title: Traveler Engagement Specialist
Relationship: Direct Supervisor
Contact Information:
Cell Phone: 1-(303)-918-1662

Name: Marwan Batrouni

Title: Director and Practice Area Leader at Advito
Relationship: Indirect Supervisor
Contact Information: