My interests within my major include exploring design thinking and user-centered design. My strengths are wireframing, collaboration, facilitation, concepting, and methodology. I'm very passionate about human-centered design and find it a requirement throughout my design process.

Hi, my name is Alexandria Heston.
I'm passionate in research, design, and data analytics.

I take personal satisfaction from meeting new people and listening to their ideas about the world. A lot of my inspiration comes from different world views and talking to people about unconventional ideas. I love making connections and socializing with those who may be unlike myself, and coming into common ground with those people.

Because of this fascination with different viewpoints, I enjoy listening to new ideas that are bold and possibly risky. I love tackling challenges head-on in new ways, and I take great satisfaction from being busy and productive to bring those ideas into a workable product. I believe that it is absolutely essential to learn from the world around us and celebrate the diversity that comes with it.

I am never deterred by a tricky situation or problem, and I am highly imaginative when it comes to solutions. I am always eager to get started on things that I am passionate about, and I have a desire to learn and continuously improve every single aspect of my life. Because of this I generate inventive ideas for new projects, and enjoy collaborations with my peers.



Indiana University

Class of 2017


Cell Phone: 317-473-1704

Resume - Fall 2016

Dowload a PDF version: Here