Achyut Sarma

Graduate Student
Computer Science
Indiana University

Work Experience

Research Lab Assistant

Professor Michael S. Ryoo, Indiana University

Video Tagging and Labelling for the development of Intelligent Robots

My responsiblities include labelling the scences, events and tagging the exact frames of all the video data sets to be used for the development of Intelligent Robots


Software Developer Intern

Skolix LLC, Plano TX

Desktop Java Application for extraction, parsing and intelligent classification of resumes from email server configuration.

My Responsibilities include designing the application architecture by engaging in a feedback loop with the help of a prototype, development of the application, testing and optimization.


Academic Projects and Publications

Final year Project, Amrita University

Novel Face Recognition System using 3D Face, 2D Face and Ear Modalities

A simple, robust and economic approach using Microsoft Kinect for Face Recognition using 3D, 2D Face and Ear Modalities
Achieved Face Recognition accuracy of 97% across 200 different subjects and 1000+ images by weighted vote method using multiple images of face and ear from Kinect's depth and color sensors.
ICCIDM Proceedings 2015

"A Novel Approach for Biometric Authentication System Using Ear, 2D Face and 3D Face Modalities." Computational Intelligence in Data Mining Volume 1. 1st ed. Vol. 1. India: Springer India, 2016. 1-11. Print. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing.
eBook ISBN: 978-81-322-2734-2

2014 - 15

Co-Curricular Project, Amrita University

Intelligent Class Evaluation System

Developed an Intelligent Interactive Classroom Simulation to measure the performance of students in different classes under the influence of PECS (Physical Emotional Cognitive Social) factors.
Achieved a close learning curve for eight different classes with the help of a survey done on 300 diverse students and 20 instructors including Psychology Professors.

2013 - 14

Class Project, Amrita University

X-Ray Enhancer

Developed a system to auto-correct gamma levels in X-Ray images to enhance quality using MATLAB as a part of Digital Image Processing class.


Class Project, Amrita University

Programming Language Compiler

Developed compiler for a new language using Java formally as a part of the Computer Language Engineering Class

December 2014

Class Project, Amrita University

GUI for Zoo Management System

Designed a Graphical User Interface for Zoo Management Software using C as a part of Computer Graphics and Visualization class.

December 2014

Class Project, Amrita University

High Performance Server for Complex Mathematical Calculations

Implemented a web server to do highly complex calculations from smart phones online as a part of Computer Networks class

May 2014

Class Project, Amrita University

Database and Security for Zoo Management System

Implemented backend of Coimbatore Zoo Management System with C++ and digitalized Zoo Security system using Multi-Layered Encryption as a part of Software Engineering and Cryptography classes.


Class Project, Amrita University

Economical Rain Water Harvesting System

Implemented a complex embedded system using PIC Micro-Controllers and to economically harvest and filter rain water in the remote parts of India as a part of Embedded Systems and Environmental Studies class project.

2012 - 13

About me

An open minded pragmatic guy who likes to explore Computer Science and Technology Business.
Loves to solve problems, talk, debate, pitch a technical product, eat, travel and like to adventure.


Indiana University

Bloomington, IN

Master of Science

Computer Science

2015 - 17

Amrita University

Coimbatore, India

Bachelor of Technology

Computer Science
CGPA: 8.74/10.00 (Distinction)

2011 - 15

Sri Chaitanya Jr. College

Vijayawada, India

Twelfth Standard

Math, Physiscs, Chemistry (91.6%)

2009 - 11

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